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The VMA Global College Civic Action Group for Emergency Response Services ( CAGERS ) is the official rescue team and civic action arm of the college under the direct control and supervision of the VMA Community Extension Services since SY 2000.

In response to the call of the College President - DR ELIZABETH O SALABAS, for a safer, secured and dynamic school environment, the VMA CAGERS was founded/ organized in Year 2000 by Engr. Ferdinand M. Turbanos, Community Extension Services Coordinator and Safety Officer in order to develop the spirit of volunteerism, foster friendship and camaraderie among the students, and members of the faculty and staff. VMA CAGERS is also organized to provide manpower support to the community outreach programs of the college. The VMA CAGERS is a vital campus organization in providing emergency medical and rescue services to the VMA Community inside and outside of the campus.

In January 2001, forty six (46) student volunteers from different departments successfully completed the 1st Responders Basic Course conducted by the Negros Rescue Federation (NRF) in cooperation with the Disaster Coordinating Council of the the Province of Negros Occidental.(PDCC) and the Provincial Disaster Management Team ( PDMT) at Panaad Sports Complex, Bacolod City. The Oath Taking Ceremony and formal recognition of the VMA CAGERS in the College and in the Negros Rescue Federation was held at the VMA GYM during the opening ceremony of the College Week Celebration last January 17,2001

The 2nd Batch of Rescue Training in the Year 2002 was attended by 65 student volunteers and three faculty members. They were Ms. Era Derwil, Ms. Mae Pineda, and Ms. Christine Alejo of the BED Department Since then, yearly disaster preparedness training programs were conducted every semester to respond to the growing needs of the school.

On the other hand, the VMA CAGERS under the supervision of the Community Extension Services of this academy has launched various programs and outreach activities with the Province of Negros Occidental, in the neighboring Barangays of Pahanocoy and Punta Taytay. A half a hectare mangove reforestation project was established at Pahanocoy Beach. More than 5,000 seedlings were successfully planted in coordination with the Barangay Council of Pahanocoy, the Community Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO)- Bacolod, and the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual, and Cultural Organization (OISCA)- a Japanese Non- Government Organization. In the following year, Yr 2003, a much bigger mangrove reforestation project was established at Santuary Island, Purok Sea Wall, Barangay Punta Taytay. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the parties concerned to ensure the success of the project. As of Year 2007, a total of more than 80,000 mangrove seedlings of different species were planted and growing well on a twenty (20) hectare project area. Different volunteers from Japan such as the OCAYA Lions Club, the Obirin University Students Volunteers, OISCA Academy Student volunteers conducted their yearly tree planting activity in the project area aside from the VMA students, members of the faculty who were among those who contributed to the success of the project.

The environmental development project of the CAGERS have gained popularity and support from various sectors of the community. For these reasons, the college was invited by the Provincial Environment Management Office ( PEMO) to be a regular member of the Center for Environmental Initiatives (CEI) since Year 2003. The group actively participates in the yearly Trek N Plant Activity at the Bago Watershed Area located in the Municipality of Don Salvador S. Benedicto together with various schools in Bacolod, concerned NGOs, different Government Agencies as part of the Environment Week Celebration of the Province. The CAGERS did not only plant indigenous species but was also tasked by the organizers to provide emergency medical and rescue services to the participants.

In February 20, 2008, a Memorandum of Agreement for the “Adopt- Mangrove-Project” was signed by and between the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, The Barangay Punta Taytay Council, and the VMA Global College. The project covers an area of thirty hectares at Sanctuary Island where the 20 hectare mangrove reforestation project was also located. Meanwhile, a national research project entitled “Establishing Baseline Data on Mangrove : Basis for Livelihood” was launched at the same time. This research undertaking is funded by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in coordination with the Zonal Research Center of the Siliman University. VMA CAGERS were trained on how to conduct Technical Assessment of Mangrove stand focusing on the flora and fauna. Avifauna in the area. Marine Biologist from Siliman University were the trainers.

The CAGERS is not only determined to promote environmental awareness by conducting a regular beach clean-up drive and coastal resource development activities and projects but also dedicated to engaged themselves in life-saving programs. Another noble project being conducted by the CAGERS is the Annual Blood Letting Activity – Amlig Kabuhi Project conducted every February as part of the College Week Celebration and on the Month of August during the height of dengue fever in Negros. This is in coordination with the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Bacolod. The group has developed the culture of donating blood every year for the less fortunate individuals. An average of 180 students volunteers also participates in this noble undertaking. A great number of less fortunate individuals have already benefited and many lives have been saved. In the year 2007, the college received a “Distinguished Humanitarian Service Award” from the PNRC for being the highest blood donor in the province. Last year 2007, a total of 408 packs of blood was donated to the PNRC while last February 22,2008, an initial of 294 was donated.

Safety inside the campus is also one of the priorities of the group. The CAGERS takes the lead in promoting campus safety by engaging themselves in the regular Fire Drill Exercises which are conducted twice a semester in cooperation with the Bureau of Fire Protection. This group conducts rescue operations exercises based on the emergency simulated scenarios. During the observance of the National Disaster Consciousness Month, the VMA CAGERS was tasked by the Office of Civil Defense Regional Office 6 to represent the province in the recent Disaster Simulation Exercise. It was evaluated by the Provincial Disaster Management Team of the Province of Negros Occidental to be the best performing unit in the province having shown an excellent performance rating. The group also is one of the authors of the VMA Disaster Control Group Manual which was launched in the Year 2003. As of Febuary 2008, a total of 14 emergency simulations exercises were conducted.

The Province of Negros Occidental through the PDMT and the NRF have recognized the technical expertise of the members of the group in the field of search and rescue during disasters and emergencies. Several times the group have been mobilized to conduct training, actual rescue operations and relief services. More than 4,000 volunteers from differents rescue groups of the different Cities and Municipalities of Negros Occidental were recipients of the said training. Several search and rescue operations were successfully conducted as per request by the Province. To mention a few, the Aerial Search and rescue operations during the ML Susan Sea Accident in Palawan Sea in December of 2003, and the Search and Recovery Operations of Engr. Eleuterio Salabas and two other companions in Negros Island and Iloilo from September – October of 2003. The CAGERS also have facilitated the gathering and sending of more than 25 boxes of assorted relief goods to the flood victims of Infanta Quezon last December 2004 through ABS-CBN Bacolod.

The VMA CAGERS strongly support the College National Service Training Program (NSTP) most specifically the Community Welfare Training Service (CWTS). The group regularly provides voluntary services, logistical and manpower training support in various training activities of the school since 2002. The school tapped the services of the members in assisting the CWTS Instructors during training and in ensuring the safety of the trainees. The group also provides similar services during Intramurals, Neophyte Orientation Program, and during other school functions.

It is the noble intention of the VMA CAGERS to continue to be an asset to the College promoting voluntary service, safety, solidarity among members, and to serve as model and inspiration to those individuals who feel and realized the importance of overcoming every challenge that every member of the group have undergone and for every success they have enjoyed. One Mission, One Vision, One Destiny! Onward VMA!

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The VMA CIVIC ACTION GROUP GROUP FOR EMERGENCY RESPONSE SERVICES (CAGERS) is an official rescue group and Outreach Core Group the VMA Global College under direct supervsion of the VMA Community Extension Services and Campus Safety Office. VMA CAGERS was founded by ENGR. FERDINAND M. TURBANOS last January 17,2000 and became a member of the Negros Rescue Federation (NRF) , the Bacolod City Rescue Federation (BACFRO), Philippine Coast Guard 602PCGA Squadron.

It is organized for the purpose of carrying out the mission of helping the community through outreach activities such as Blood Letting Activity, Disaster Preparedness , Rescue Trainings, Marine and Environmental Protection, Youth Leadership Development, Promoting Safety in the Campus and Community, and other humanitarian activities.

The VMA CAGERS is a school-based non-governmental organization composed of student, faculty and staff volunteers who are concerned with service, safety and solidarity.

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